Advantages Of DLMR™

DataLife Health Medical Records (DLMR™) is an online service which empowers patients and health care providers to safely store their medical health records for hassle-free access. Digitalized medical health records are the future and we at DataLife Health recognize the importance of making health records accessible through a reliable service that keeps everything in one place.

Being in the healthcare industry for last 2 decade we recognize the difficulties faced by patients, doctors and medical health professionals when it comes to medical records safekeeping—patients spend a lot of resources on each health check-up, doctor visit, etc and often most of their clinical data are rendered useless when they shift from one specialist to another. Doctors, on the other hand, also waste precious time backtracking medical records—which often do not exist—or waste time reassessing patients from scratch. Electronic medical records safekeeping, one of the key service offering from DLMR™ allows instant, easy reference to patient clinical data to help doctors and patients save time and resources when it comes to clinical evaluation and formulating the appropriate treatment for the patients.

Apart from moving your clinical data with you, here are the other benefits you can expect from DataLifeHealth’s service offers:

General / Patients

DLMR™ general features that can benefit both doctors and patients alike


DLMR™ features that doctors can exclusively benefit from


Through DLMR™, you can have access to these online medical services